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The 'British Benchrest Rifle Club' is a friendly club that relies to a large extent on peoples experience. We have very strict safely rules, but we do not have incessant bureaucratic management. We are here to enjoy our shooting in a relaxed and friendly environment. We do not generally cater for the 'probationary' shooter as this is an advanced discipline so some experience with a rifle is useful. Having said that we have some of the most accurate fullbore shooters in the UK at 100 & 200yd who are very willing to share their experiences. We also have a wealth of experience at shooting on both the 'European' and 'World' circuits against the most accurate 100 & 200yd fullbore shooters on this planet.





































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 Bisley 'Short Siberia' undercover range'
The Benchrest bunch......
"At the Bench"
"On the Bench"

Stolle Panda benchrest rifle with 45x Leupold Scope

100yd Range

"At the Bench"


Benchrest shooting is a thrilling sport which is dedicated to extreme accuracy. We mainly shoot 100 yard events with fullbore rifles from the comfort of a seat and bench and under the sheltered of a canopy roof. Some members reload on site in the undercover reloading area.


This is superb testing ground to tune and improve your rifles accuracy and there is always lots of friendly help for those who want to learn more.


You do not need a custom Benchrest gun to shoot Benchrest, just a 20x or more scope, a rest and your most accurate rifle.


The 'British Benchrest Club' meet at the 'National Shooting Centre' at Bisley, Nr Woking. If you hold a Firearms Licence and are interested in this type of precision shooting then you are very welcome to attend and shoot at one of our monthly meetings.


Monthly meetings are from 9.00 / 10am to approx 3.00pm at the National Shooting Centre, Queens Road, Bisley, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey, GU24 0PB


Location Maps


Click on the 'Meetings Calendar to find out when our next meeting is being held.


Benchrest shooting is about extreme accuracy. The aim is to get the smallest possible group of shots, as opposed to hitting the centre of the target. A fully tailored Benchrest rifle is a precision instrument and cannot be purchased 'off the shelf' from your local gunsmith. It is built using specialist actions and precision barrels. The ultimate aim is to build the most accurate rifle in the world. At Bisley we mainly shoot 100 yard Benchrest and for this discipline the most accurate cartridge is usually considered to be the 6mm PPC. Most 100/200 yard Benchrest rifles are chambered for this calibre.


LIGHT & HEAVY CLASS BENCHREST - There are two classes of rifle at 100 & 200 yard Benchrest. The 'Light Varmint' is for rifles up to 10.5lb and the 'Heavy Varmint' for rifles up to 13.5lb. This includes the weight of the scope. Most people use fixed power scopes as they are lighter. The most popular magnification is 36x to 45x 

FACTORY SPORTER CLASS -  This is for out of the box Factory Rifles and is an entry level into Benchrest shooting. Triggers can be tuned, actions can be bedded and barrels can be re-crowned.



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