Instruction for Up-Loading Pictures to your 'Bossons Advert'


There are various "Free Picture" services on the Internet whereby you can up-load your pictures and view them on the Internet.

One way of getting your picture into the 'Free Bossons Advert' is to use the 'Free Picture" account which is set-up below.


Up-Loading Instructions

1 - Go to -

Logon using    Username - Bluebird

                      Password - Bossons

Go to -     Photo Centre (under Registered Services)

               Upload Images (then select any Album)

Press - Upload Images

Press - Browse (and find image on your computer that you want to upload)

Press - Upload Images

Press - Continue to Manager (your photo is now uploaded)

To Find your Uploaded Photo go to - Manage IMAGES

                                                     Select Album

                                                     Load Album


Find your Photo and highlight then 'Copy' the address of your photo.

The photo address is located next to 'URL For Bravenet Services'   (ie - http://photos.........)


Go to the 'Free Bossons Advert'

'Paste' this address into the 'Image URL' box within the 'Bossons Classified Adverts' details page

You should now see your photo appear within the 'Free Advert'.  




You can go direct to the photo section of the photo gallery by clicking on the link below. This is only for viewing photographs and not for uploading

View a collection of Digital Photos View my Photo Gallery
Free Photo Albums by

An alternative way of finding the address of your photograph from the above direct link is -

'Double Click' to enlarge the picture. 'Right Click' on the enlarged picture and go to 'Properties' and 'Address (URL)'  ie - http://photos...

Then 'Cut' and 'Paste' this address into the 'Bossons Classified Adverts'