Popular Stock Manufacturers



Kelbly's Stocks


BR-FB - 1.8oz


Kelbly Klub (with long forearm) - 1.8oz


SPG (for those who like free-recoil) - 1.8oz - Vince




McMillan Stocks


McMillan -  Edge  (Probably the most popular supplier of Benchrest stocks)




TM Stockworks 


TMBR (Steve N) - Designed by Tom Meredith 






Bench Rest

SG&Y Stock





Bob Scoville

Carbon Fibre & Balaswood Composites (the lightest, longest and probably one of the nicest) 

Cost is approx $800 fully finished and inletted
6865 Meldrum Road, Fair Haven, MI 48023 - bobscoville@aol.com





1000yd Stocks


1 - Sheshane Tracker (Bill Sheshane)


2 - Master Class Stocks



Action: BAT Machines MB 1.55" round, RBRP, spiral fluted bolt

Stock: Master Class Stocks Modified F-Class

Trigger: Jewell BR

Barrel: Broughton, 5C, 1:8" twist, 30" finished

Action Options - Borden, BAT, Nesika, Stolle (Grizzly II), Stiller Diamondback, Stiller's stainless Viper)

Chambering: 6.5-284, 0.292" neck, 1:8" twist

Scope: Weaver T36 Target-dot

Mount: Davidson Rail with 20+ MOA elevation

Smith: Dave Bruno (Bruno Precision Rifles)

Stocker: Alex Sitman (Master Class Stocks)