UK Suppliers


Reloading Solutions Direct (RSD), Oxford, OX4 1GT - 01865 378200

Norman Clark (Rugby) - 01788 579651 (Excellent Gunsmith)

Tim Hannam (Leeds) - 01977 681639

Sportsmans Gun Centre (Paignton) - 01803 558142

Andy Hobbs (Bristol) - 01761 413961

G&C Custom Bullets - 01271 376414 Carl Thorne & George Petschelt (68grn standard bullets with J4 jackets, can make 66grn with a minimum 500 bullet order) Email -



USA Suppliers who will ship to the UK


Sinclair - (Excellent products. You are likely to get hit with approx 20% import taxes if order is over 50. Usually takes quite a few weeks to receive your order if over 50, so be prepared to wait. I get the impression that the wait is due to the goods being held in the UK awaiting import duty. If the order is under 50 you do not always get hit for import tax and the goods arrive much quicker)


Kinneman's Custom Products  - (Fast service which usually arrives within 7 to 10 days. For some reason you do not always get hit for the import tax so can be cheaper.)


Shooters Supplies -  (Good Service. You will need to ring this chap as one cannot order over the Internet. Speak to  Russ Haydon. Postage appears to work in the same way as Sinclair in that items can take a few weeks to arrive probably because the goods are being held in the UK awaiting import taxes)


Bruno Shooters Supplies -

Krieger Barrels -

Harrell's Precision -



Lock Stock & Barrel -

Gun Accessories -

Huntingtons -



Italian Benchrest Suppliers who will ship to the UK


Varide Cicogani - (You will need to send your money through the bank as they do not have Credit Card facilities. This usually costs between 8 to 10 for the money transfer. Usually arrives within 10 to 14 days. Good service and excellent products especially the shooting rests).  



U.S. EXPORTS (General Information that may apply)
The 'U.S. Department of State' requires that all export orders contain an English language 'Purchase Order' with your name and complete address, including your Country. The 'U.S. Department of State' requires an 'Export License' if your order exceeds $100.00 or includes the following restricted items: barrel, cylinder, frame, bolt assembly, complete firearm or ammunition. An original 'Import Certificate' will be required signed in ink or a certified copy from your Government. The U.S. 'Export License' application process can take four weeks or more.